phone: 030 / 31 99 98 85

every day 12:00 - 23:30

Spandauer Damm 181 - 183, 14050-Bln


Welcome to Lin's Mandarin

In our restaurant you can arrange your own menu from fresh ingredients, like different meal and vegetable. Once you made your choice, we prepare the meal in front of you. One speciality of our house is grilled meat.

So come in and enjoy all the delicious variations you can imagine.

Our recommends

Buffet a la Lin´s Mandarin 14,80€ - which includes fish, meat and salad

We have also a warm buffet, a daily soup, shrimps chips and a dessert buffet.

Help yourself on the buffet as often as you want.




lunch buffet  8,50 €

Monday to Friday from 12.00pm to 3.30pm

One Appetizer, warm buffet, salad, soups, krupuk and dessert.

Also here, help yourself as often as you like.


For our little guests

All our guests from 1m to 1.60m which be accompanied by an adult get in 4 steps  a discounted price.


You can also enjoy traditional Chinese dishes á la carte.